Fun day at the Lenches fishery

We had received a request from Amanda Badger to provide some support in the way of Fly tying and Casting tuition to a small group at her  fishery. It had been arranged around Christmas time but snow and ice knocked that one firmly on the head! This was re-arranged as soon as conditions permitted.

Through the ‘Go Fishing’ initiative and the Bourneville trust a group of young men were to visit the Lenches on the 24th February to enjoy a day getting some basic instruction on fly tying and fishing.  We found no shortage of volunteers and many thanks to Charles, Peter Major, Ed. Noyes, and John Bergdahl who joined me in giving of our  free time to provide a generous opportunity for these lads to experience something not ordinarily available to them and, of course, for the fishery in making the facility available to everyone.

On arrival we were  greeted with hot drinks and bacon sandwiches by Amanda, our charming hostess and she continued in this vein all day  with tireless energy and an endless supply of vittles. The day was proving to be much improved weather wise and out came the sun with chaffinches singing in the trees and little clusters of midges in the sheltered areas.

We split the group into two and whilst one half had casting tuition the others were at the vice getting to grips with a couple of basic patterns. The lads then swapped over until lunch arrived in the form of hot pies and then, suitably fortified, all  went to the lakes to try and catch a trout on their newly tied creations chaperoned by the band of helpers.

It would be a great end to this to say that the trout fed madly and lots of fish were caught but sadly, the lake fished really hard with only 4 fish coming out all day to regular rods. Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed the day and the lads departed to head back up the M5 with happy faces having tried desperately hard to lure a rainbow to their flies. I have no doubt they will be back soon!

Great credit to Amanda Badger for making her fishery and facilities available to the lads and for Andy Walker and his helpers for arranging the whole thing. I know too that our members felt that they had been involved in a very worthwhile activity in  giving something back to our sport by encouraging others and sharing our skills. It was truly a fun day.

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