Black Hopper


Hook B160 Size 10

Black Thread

Silver Tinsel

Black Seals Fur

Black cock hackleStep 1

Attach thread and take down the hook shank in touching turns to a point above the barbStep 2

Attach your tinsel, if you are using silver and gold tinsel then attach the gold side facing youStep 3

Dub on your seals fur and wind up the shank to form an even body. Then wind your tinsel in even turns to the point where your seals fur has finished. Make sure to leave sufficient room at the head as you will be tying in the legs and a large hackle.

Step 4

Take six hopper legs three for each side. Hopper legs will have one knot in the leg daddies have two knots. Attach three legs on one side with a couple of turns of thread. Once you are happy with the length of the legs then repeat the process on the opposite side. When you are happy with the position and length of the legs then apply turns of thread to tidy up the head. Step 5

Now take your hackle feather and attach it to the head. Wind the hackle feather 6 to 7 turns around the shank and tie secure with two turns of thread. With your finger and thumb pull back the hackle and form a neat head. Remove the excess hackle stork and snip off any stray fibres, whip finish the head. Apply varnish and allow to dry.

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