Woolley Worm


Size 10 2xl Hook

Black Thread

Underbody, Lead Wire

Tail, Floro Pink Wool

Ribbing, Copper Wire

Body, Black Chenille

Palmered Hackle, Cock Grizzle Hackle

Step 1

Tye on thread and lead wire underbody then cover the lead wire with the thread

Step 2

Take a short length of wool fold it in two and then tie in, the tail length can be trimmed later

Step 3

Take the thread up the body and then tie in the copper wire for the rib. Return the thread to the tail ready to tie in the black chenille. Once you have tied the chenille return the thread to just short of the eye.

Step 4

Take the chenille and in touching turns wind up the shank of the hook to the thread and tie in.

Step 5

Tie in a cock grizzle hackle and with a pair of hackle pliers palmer the hackle in open turns towards the tail.

Step 6

Once you have reached the tail trap the hackle with the copper wire and then wind the copper wire back through the hackles in open turns. Aim for five turns of wire along the length of the body. When you have reached the eye tie off and secure the copper wire and then remove the tag end.

Step 7

Form a neat head remove thread and varnish. Cut the wool to the desired length and fluff out the fibres and then your fly is complete.

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