Soft Hackled Gold Head Hares Ear


Hook B160 size 14

2mm Tungsten Gold Bead

Pearsalls Yellow Silk or similar

Tail. Fibres from dark feather on rump of Partridge

Fine Gold wire

Natural hares ear and Fiery Red Hares Ear

Hackle. Feather from Rump of Partridge

Step 1

Place bead on hook and attach thread and wind down hook shank in touching turns

Step 2

Take 6 to 8 fibres to form tail and attach gold wire, take thread up the hook shank to tidy up and cover tail ends.

Step 3

Return the thread to the base of the tail and form a dubbing rope using the natural hares ear. Wind the dubbing rope to a point mid way along the shank and change the dubbing to the fiery red colour. Carry on with the rope to just behind the bead. Remember to allow enough room to push the bead back so creating space for the hackle.

Step 4

Wind the gold wire over the hares ear in even open turns and secure. Now whip finish and remove thread. Push the bead back against the hares ear dubbing and re-attach your thread in front of the bead.

Step 5

Take your hackle feather and strip off the fibres on one side and attach in front of the bead by the tip of the feather. Make 3 to 4 turns of hackle and secure with two turns of thread and cut off hackle stalk.

Step 6

Whip finish and remove the thread apply varnish if you wish

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