Baetis Nymph


Hook, Standard Wet Fly eg B175 Size 12

Thread, Brown / Black

Tail, Brown Partridge Feather Fibres

Body, Olive/Grey Dubbing blend

Rib, Clear nylon monofilament

Thorax Cover, Natural cdc feathers

Hackle, Brown Partridge feather fibres

Step 1

Attach thread and run down the hook in touching turns, stop two thirds down the hook shank.

Step 2

Take a Brown Partridge feather and strip off the fluff, then strip off a small bunch of fibres and tie in. Check the length and then tie in the tail to a point above the barb.

Step 3

Take the thread back up the body in touching turns and tie in the waste end of the fibres. Take a length of nylon and tie in, before you tie the nylon in bite the end of the nylon to form some ridges so the nylon grips better when tied in.

Step 4

Dub on a thin rope of dubbing to form the body and wrap approx two thirds along the hook shank. Then wrap the nylon to form the rib and tie off. The nylon should be wrapped the opposite way to the dubbing in evenly spaced turns.

Step 5

Take two cdc feathers and place together with the tips lining up and tie in front of the body with the tips facing forward.

Step 6

Form another dubbing rope and wrap to form the thorax.

Step 7

Take a Partridge feather similar to the one used for the tail, cut out the feathers to form a V shape and strip off the fibres till you have a shape as in photo.

Step 8

Rotate your vice and tie in the feather by the stem. Gently pull the feather forward till you have the correct length of hackle fibres, as you do this the fibres will start to bunch up and form a neat beard hackle. The hackle fibres should touch the hook point for the correct length.Once you have obtained the correct length add a few more wraps and cut off the waste end of the feather.

Step 8

Rotate your vice to original position and bring the cdc fibres forward and tie in behind the eye to form the thorax cover. Form a neat head and tie off your thread. Varnish the head and your fly is complete

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