Green Cormorant


Hook B175 Size 10

Black Thread

Green Holographic Tinsel Medium Size

Black Turkey Marabou Step 1

Attach thread and take down to a point above the barb in touching turnsStep 2

Attach tinsel and return the thread to the point where you started again in touching turns to give smooth underbodyStep 3

Wind the tinsel up the hook shank towards the eye in open turns. Try to obtain five turns of tinsel which should be achieved if you use a medium tinsel. Tie off the tinsel and tidy up the head. Step 4

Now take you marabou feather and remove approx 1 to 11/2 cm of fibre from the quill. Hold the fibres between your thumb and first finger and cut off the ends, then attach the fibres to the hook shank just behind the eye using the pinch and loop method. Firmly wrap the fibres and tidy up.

Step 4

Attach a short length of tinsel either side of the head and form a neat head and whip finish.

Step 5

Now cut your tinsel to the desired length on each side approx 3 to 4 mm should be ok. Now take the marabou fibres between your thumb and first finger of your right hand at a point where you have the length of fibre you require. Spread the fibres out with your left hand and tear off the fibres with you thumb and finger. Lastly vanish the head and leave to dry.

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