Caroline visits Iceland


I joined a party of friends to fish the Langa River in Iceland, our leader had taken the whole river all 12 miles from sea to lake that was high up in the mountains.      The 12 miles of River is divided into 3 beats. With 92 pools.  We fished 4 rods to a beat and you changed beats after lunch. We fished from 9am to 1pm and then from 5pm to 10pm..

When we arrived at the Lodge I went straight to look at this famous river that always had a good flow of water from the Lake..

My heart sank, very low water, just puddles and rocks, the whole river was almost un fishable.  Out of the said 92 pools only 23 where fishable.  Iceland had no snow to speak of in 2009 and it had not rained for 4 months!

We took Sunday off and went to look at the Lake, it was an amazing ride, all stone and rock track climbing and climbing; on the way we stopped to look at a fish pass, some 50ft high from canyon to the upper river, we saw some salmon half way up but not enough water to get them to the top.   The Lake was low and the 15ft dam that should have had water going over the top to feed the river, all we saw was 15ft of concrete with a trickle going through the very bottom!!

It was said to be the prime week and we should have had at least 300 fish, alas we managed with lots of hard work only 58 fish between all rods, I am glad to say I caught 4 of them.

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