WUF beat at Eyton on Lugg

Hon. Treasurer and I decided that on seeing a break in the weather we would try this new beat. It certainly was a lot milder than of late – a positively balmy 6 degreesC and things looked promising.  The river was quite low and very clear as could be expected after two weeks of hard  and in many pools we could see almost every stone on the bottom. Still being hardy types and keen to engage some fish we set forth with quite lightly weighted bugs which were still able to reach bottom in the placid flow.  Having tried one or two pools that had produced before it soon became clear that this was to be a hard day as a lot of effort was drawing a complete blank. Yours truly did however manage to hook a really nice 2 lbs+ fish which took in surprisingly shallow water – see picture below. Welcome relief although by lunch time this remained the only capture. We did however come across a salmon excavating a redd and marvelled at her efforts for a while. Unfortunately there was not a queue of grayling behind the salmon waiting for the eggs as is often the case. Renewed effort whilst stoked up with butties and tea produced only a 10″ sample and by 4pm we gave it best. Only 3 0r 4 upwinged flies seen all day and no response to those.

I think that the prolonged low temperatures have really hit the fish hard and maybe we need a lenghty mild spell to generate some feeding activity. Good day, good company, good fish.

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