Yorkshire maestro Stuart Crofts

We were extremely lucky this week to have a visit from Stuart Crofts the Yorkshire fly fisher/fly tyer and entomologist. Bad weather and motorway accidents almost prevented the evening going ahead but he made it thankfully. The first thing that strikes you is his tremendous enthusiasm for all things associated with our sport and it is infectious! He came fully prepared and had all the equipment necessary and more.

Stuart chose to focus on three patterns, a Midge plus two Olive dressings , the emerging  nymph and the Dun. He went into detail on not just the tying but the rationale behind the materials and style. This was supplemented by some super photographs of the insects to illustrate this to us all.

Following some really good tips at the vice we also got some excellent information on how to fish the patterns and on the use of short furled leaders for accurate dry fly work. Very thought provoking stuff and backed up by sound reasoning from Stu.

I have received some very complimentary feedback from our group already who thought the whole evening was superb. We could have kept him there a lot longer if allowed!  I would recommend him without reservation as a guest speaker as he gives great value and puts so much into what he does. I feel we will lure him down to us in 2011 to hear some more particularly on the Caddis species on which he is a great authority.

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