Farmoor 1 reservoir

On a chilly Sunday morning Tony Woods and I ventured forth to a new water to both of us – Farmoor 1 – the catch and release lake.

Impressed instantly by the size of the venue, we might have been stumped as to where to start on a large concrete bowl. The brisk wind made that decision for us and we headed for the shelter at the top!

Extremely clear and quite deep we opted for a nymphs/buzzers approach – odd fish seen moving quite far out. Having exhausted plan A we moved on to plans B,C, and D which varied from dry Daddy long legs to a Booby!

One fish moved close to the bank and yours truly flicked a small marabou white lure to it and it was on. Lovely strong fight and as the photo shows a real bar of silver which was returned to fight another day. Sadly this was it despite dogged persistence from us both and we gave it best at 5pm.

Whilst filling out the catch return at the Lodge we noticed the photos on the wall included a brown trout of 17 lbs 8 ozs! Fin perfect specimen as were many of the others on display.

I guess we will have to go back and try again another day!

I harboured a vision that the concrete bowl would be dull and unattractive whereas the reality is that the surroundings are quite pleasant and fishing is very comfortable – you could fish in slippers – literally.

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