River Dee Trip

The team of intrepid travellers consisted of Russell Heath, Martin Smith, Dave Blackbourn and the Hon.Sec. and the venue was the Maelor A.C. water below Llangollen.

We were really pumped up having received photographs and reports of two huge grayling coming off the stretch recently on fly, 48cm and 55.3cm – Wow! (see photo below)

Recent unsettled weather prompted a number of calls to the Dee ‘hotline’ to ascertain water levels and things seemed favourable with levels stable. Even a call at 6am on the day seemed fine but once again the Law of Sod prevailed. During our trip up to the area and whilst partaking of the most expensive breakfast in the world at the ‘Little Thief’ the river decided to grow a little. Even when we bought the tickets it was looking good and our souls were full of hope. On parking at the Llangollen golf club and wandering across the fairways to the river it looked reasonable and a couple of early trout built up our hopes. Suffice to say that the Law of Sod continued to work and the river continued to rise and colour up and although our valiant heroes struggled manfully, managing some small trout and grayling, we were forced to retire hurt in the afternoon. The ironical part was that rain had been promised for the day and it turned out to be very pleasant.

Still, all enjoyed the day and vowed – ‘we will return’. ( in more settled weather next time!) River fishing can be a little chancy to say the least without the fickle Law of Sod intervening. We just need to find out which pools those big ones came from ………

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