The Fly Dressers Guild Accreditation scheme

This is a very recently introduced initiative previously piloted by several branches of the Guild and which is now nationally adopted as a system of recognition of a member reaching certain standards of fly-tying and for which awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold may be attained. These awards will be in the form of Badges and Certificates

Our branch will nominate a team of approved Instructors who will be registered as such with the Guild and who will be responsible for the creation of a structured syllabus of fly tying at various levels i.e. Beginner , Intermediate and Advanced. They will also deliver practical instruction in line with the syllabus and ensure that records of the instruction given are kept as it important that fly-tiers complete the relevant syllabus and that an auditable trail of activity can be seen.

The Bronze standard is administered and judged at branch level whilst at silver and gold levels, samples of flies tied by members are submitted to a main Guild committee for judgement.

Worcester branch actively supports this scheme and our schedule of fly tying events will reflect the syllabus created for the various levels of award.

The committee would hope that members will embrace this scheme and, whilst enjoying and enhancing their fly tying skills they may receive recognition of their efforts.

Details of the syllabus will be circulated to members at the commencement of our winter programme of events.

More details on the Guilds website >> Please Click Here

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