Ist Grayling Trip of 2022

Grayling Fishing Area 4 day, 1st of 2022

13th January at 5.00 am the alarm goes off, I look outside, the car is like an Ice cube and the temp is -3, so by the time the car is warmed up, windows are scraped it’s 5.50, time to set off for Builth-Wells, the 1st Grayling Day of the year for me. I had been watching the Llanstephen river level camera for a few days and could see the levels dropping, but on the last view it had risen so I could see it being a challenging day. On the route across the Golden Valley up to Hay on Wye it was showing -4 and very slippery. Now as dawn breaks over the mountains, light begins to show the glistening frost on the hedges and bare trees branches and in the background I have Rachmaninov playing Rhapsody on the Theme of Paganini, what a wonderful way to start the day.

We all meet up at Gregg’s car park In Builth to sign up and pick our beats. It was good to see new members and new faces. Duncan the river bailiff was on hand to explain the new water and where the fish might be. The Groe Park and Irfon Angling Club whose water we are fishing, had added a new stretch to their beats on the Irfon.

As it turned out the members who were trotting, I believe had the best results of the day, getting 6,7,8 fish each ranging from a 4lb Chub, and many 1lb Grayling on the new Irfon beat. And around the Wye bridge pillars, Grayling and some out of season Trout were hooked. I fished the Pylon beat on the fly but only one small fish for me. The water was very high and extremely fast flowing, however, in the margins out of the fast current you could fish ok with a wadding stick. I fished a 10ft, 7/8w, rod 4lb leader with 4mm beaded nymph. Also tried the duo method with 2 similar flies.

For £8.00 a day ticket, with such a wide choice of waters and beats this has to be one of the best values for a day fishing around.

For some time now in the winter months I always struggle with grip on the banks with my wadding boots on, even with studs in, so this time I used my old Wellington boot waders, with soles like an old Town & Country tyre tread and I added 4 studs in the heel so as to dig in if required. The outcome was a great success, much more sure footed so maybe it’s not so much old age as having the right foot ware!

So I believe a great day was had by all, my thanks to Geoff Bevan for organising it in these difficult times.

Andrew Ayres

Worcester fly dressers, Cheltenham fly dresser, Grayling Society member.


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