Book Review

For those of us who love fishing the Scottish Highland Lochs, or trampling across the wild unforgiving moors with only a compass to guide us, looking for that hidden Loch, maybe never been fished before just waiting for us.

This is a great story, so not to spoil it I will read you the introduction only.

“When I was very young and on holiday in Scotland, my cousin told me about giant trout that lived in small numbers at the bottom of the deepest lochs.

They were called Salmo Ferox, and they were rumoured to be uncatchable.

In his twenties, wholly by accidentally, Jon Berry caught one. This led to an obsession that would cost him every pound he had to his name, a few thousand he did not have and his home.

It would take him to Scotland, Cumbria the wildest parts of Ireland in the company of a disparate band of fanatics – alcoholics, mountain men, scientists, tree-planting eco-warriors and one genuine soothsayer. Not all of them survived”.

This is not just a story of a fish, albeit a cannibalistic giant trout of the glacial lochs, it is a tale of compulsion and escape, and the author’s rediscovery of a landscape and a clan, and willing descent into madness.

It’s a wonderful read.

Andrew Ayres

CFD, WFD and Grayling Society member.

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