Opening Day Draycote March 29th 2021

What a treat. Never done an opening day before, ever! Neville & I took full advantage of the lifting
of the Covid-19 outside sports restrictions and went fishing at Draycote.
We arrived at 8.15 and tacked up near the jetty entrance as all boats had to leave the harbour as
soon as boarded. By 8.30 we were on our way but the best laid plans etc … We had intended to “do”
Toft first then move up the bank ending up at Dunn’s bay but no, it was far too windy for that.
Instead, like every other boat, we headed for the possible shelter of Rainbow Corner.
On the way there we noticed bucking rods on the bank and on the boats at Hensborough Bank just
this side of the outflow. We nudged into a nice position near the successful boats and started
fishing. Time; just 9 o clock. To be fishing by 9 is always a good thing. Both on floaters with lure on
point and nymphs on droppers we soon had some interest and started catching but not on the
nymphs. Best success was to just cast out and leave it and wait.
I changed to a sinking line with a Pitsford Pea on the dropper and and my own silver fritz marabou
pink tailed creation on the point. Still, nearly all takes were either “on the drop” after casting or on
the up at the end of the retrieve. We had concluded that the fish were relatively deep 8/10 foot
down due to the very cold water. Neville was fishing higher in the water column and was also taking
fish but not at the same pace.
Early afternoon we decided to have a change of scenery and motored up to Rainbow Corner but the
wind was hardly any better there and after 30 minutes we had not had one pull. So back to our
original spot only to find now seven boats in a line. Further out we had anchor drift due to the wind
and again only a few pulls at our flies. Eventually one of the boats left and we quickly dived in. So
back to catching fish. Three times we had two fish on together on the same rod, very rare but
probably due to the newly stocked fish shoaling. So tricky to land two fish at once!
The wind was really full on all day, except for the last hour or so when it was only moderate. We
never got to fish Toft or the north shore, something to look forward to next time, along hopefully
with a keen interest on the part of the trout to eat nymphs?
So, overall a great day, lots of fun and as a bonus some trout fillets to cook on the BBQ.
Tony M

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