Fishing on the Dee in North Wales

8th April 2019

On the 7th of April I attended a Karl Humphries fishing day on the Dee at Bangor on Dee village.  My first outing on the Dee this year, having previously been cancelled due to flooding.  We met at the Royal Oak in the village on the BOASAA waters, but as the water was coloured and quite high, Karl decided to move to near the Erbistock beat, which turned out to be a great decision.

A very attractive water, long meadows about a 2 mile beat, easy walking, wader friendly styles, low banks and gentle slopes down to the water’s edge, and a lunch bench and table half way along. The water was still moving quite fast in fast current channels but mainly on the far bank, wading with a stick was quite safe as shale, sand, and small pebbles made up the river bed.  Only 5 members turned out, 3 from Worcester, the chairman of the Grayling Society from Stoke on Trent, and myself.  I expect the others were put off by the weather forecast of rain, but as often happens we never saw any.  As the morning progressed cold at first, but then blue sky and warm sunshine for the rest of the day.  Swans, Geese, Mallard, Teal, other wild duck, Dipper and King Fishers were the wild life on hand there, and as the sun came out the flies came off the water.

The water was a little challenging, fast flowing gullies, shallow stony areas, some inlands and deep pockets, and the majority of water was approx. waist deep, ideal for wading.

I fished a 10ft 3-4 weight rod, dry line, 4lb leader, 2 fly set up size 14 weighted nymphs to get them down and after lunch I put a sedge Grannom on the top dropper to act as a dry fly, as flies were now coming off the water and I promptly caught a fabulous 13/14 inch Grayling on it which filled the net, and was released without coming out of the water.

My tally for the day was 8, 1 Perch (now my 3rd on the Dee with a fly) 3 Trout, and 4 Grayling,

Mark, one of the Worcester guys, had a small Sea Trout.  Always nice to see these young fish on route.

A great day for us all, just a pity it’s so far away, and just to make my journey even longer I was rerouted off the motorway as a police incident on the  M6 was in progress, 5.30 start and 19.30 home!

Tightlines Andrew Ayres   CFD, WFD, Grayling Society member.

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