Guest fly tyer Stuart Foxall ‘Intrudes’ on our evening

As stated in the previous post, Stuart was our guest last evening. He is a very experienced fly tyer and a member of the Partridge pro team and the Loop tackle team also as well as being a widely travelled fisherman. So when he recommends a style of salmon fly then we should all sit up and listen!

He did that in no uncertain terms whilst demonstrating and talking about the effectiveness of the Intruder style of fly with plenty of tips on how and where to fish it for salmon and steelhead. The demonstration was excellent with lots of tying tips on offer plus quite a few new materials on show.

Below you see a small selection of flies he had brought with him to illustrate various patterns. Also 2 of the patterns he tied plus his own creation the ‘Prawntruder’ which is a copy of the General practitioner salmon fly tied Intruder style. We were all suitably impressed with the professional way Stuart conducted the evening and I feel sure that we learned plenty. I for one will be giving some of these patterns a swim next March for those early salmon. Many thanks Stuart.



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