George Barron visits again

Last evening we enjoyed another visit from ScotsWelshman George Barron. George always enjoys his visits to us as much as we like to see him. He demonstrated a number of patterns to us with instructions on when and how to use them. He was generous in providing many little tricks and tactics which could help us with our fishing and fielded many questions during the evening.


He also showed one or two new materials used in the construction of the flies including new Fulling Mill hooks and the Veniard Body tubing for detached bodies,  plus his variation on the hand whip finish. He was also able to provide a number of humorous anecdotes which kept us entertained including one where an unusual type of hair was used in constructing a fly!!

Here is George’s version of the Kate McLaren

Georges KateMcLaren


Below is Dabbler which looks extremely fishy.


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