Woodland view carp trip

Last weekend three hardy souls (fools) went to the above fishery to see if we could tempt one of the resident carp to take a fly. After a full breakfast we were a little slow to leave the warmth of the café as the weather was really horrible and got worse as the day went on with strong wind and driving rain. Sadly the water had coloured making chances very slim. So, myself,  Ken and Pete Major set about fishing and to help things along one or two ‘inducements’ were lobbed in to the water in the form of pellets, groundbait and sweetcorn to see if it would get the fish feeding. The groundbait worked and Ken managed the fish shown below which did not need a landing net or unhooking mat!

Woodland view carp Ken



Yours truly did catch a decent fish but I did cheat with sweeetcorn on the hook.


We did move to another lake and managed some Roach and Rudd on small flies later in the day. It was a bit of fun despite the weather and at least we could hide in Ken’s van with a warm cuppa from time to time.



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