Club social day at the Lenches fishery

Today we attended the Lenches lakes to enjoy a social get together involving fishing and a meal with the event being organised by Julia North. Julia and Amanda Badger had negotiated the preparation of a large game pie from the Butcher at Fladbury for us to enjoy at lunch time which was certainly something to look forward to as we began the day on a chilly morning following a slight overnight frost.

Those attending included Paul and Zac, Brian Naylor, Julia of course, Simon Wilmott, Dave Hughes, Barry Jones and yours truly. Poor Doug Rushton did turn up but was in a lot of discomfort following some back injections and so he left early. Fortified by tea and coffee from Amanda fishing began around 9.30am with the temperatures rising slowly giving rise to some pleasant sunny periods ( sounds like the weather forecast!) Peter Webb turned up to wish us well and have a walk around the lakes with Tony Woods doing likewise armed with his trusty Canon camera.

Here you can see the fishery basking in the late Autumn sunshine.


Pretty much everyone started to catch fish straight away and it was soon clear that we were in for a good day with the fish very active. Julia was off the mark smartly with a couple of fish and Chairman Pete is seen congratulating her, or at least I think that is what he was doing!



Most of the anglers displayed intense concentration at their pegs whilst others took a more leisurely approach. Dave Hughes is seen here doing just that, or was it his bad knees playing up?



Up and coming fly tyer  Zac Aston was captured here playing one of his fish.


So, after a very hectic mornings sport we gathered for our lunch at 1pm and were served with huge portions of pie, mash and sprouts followed by Mince pies and cream. There was very little fishing done after lunch I tell you and most speculated that dinner that evening would be a modest affair.


Finally, great thanks to Julia for pulling it all together, Amanda and Leah for the culinary delights and outstanding hospitality and for allowing us use of the fishery and last but by no means least, Tony Woods for the excellent pictures.

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