Farmoor 1 trip November 2015

Having been telling everyone at the club that Farmoor 1 was well worth a visit I thought I would sample the goods myself sometime and a chance telephone call from ex member Julian Campbell on Thursday evening led to a hurried packing of the tackle bag for a Friday trip.

As predicted it was cool and pretty breezy and casting on the windward shore was tricky. As we had heard that the fish were fry feeding an all out Minkie and Snake fly attack was in order. After an hour of fruitless casting and a few moves along the bank we eventually contacted fish on the East and North sides using Intermediate lines. The fish were, as ever, close in at the bottom of the shelf.

All fish caught were in superb condition and looked more like Steelhead with a similar scrap from them. Heavy tippet was in order although even a 10 lbs bs leader was not always strong enough.

We ended up with 4 fish each and all were over 4 lbs with the largest two being an easy 6 lbs.

Here you see Julian with a superb fish caught late in the afternoon. Look at that tail!!



Below you can see my 6 pounder laying in the net. Jules was too far away to do the honours with the camera. The Minkie can be seen clearly in the fishes mouth although I have to say the stick on eyes were well and truly trashed by the fish. All fish returned safely.


So, when this cold spell is over try and trip down there. You are only charged a half day rate now and Angling trust members get 10% off that price as well. Wrap up warm as it can be a bit draughty<

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