Big Fish event at Woodland view fishery

We were invited by a company called Dreamstore to attend a large event at the fishery specifically targeted at introducing youngsters into fishing. We gratefully accepted the invitation and set up our stall ready for the invasion on the Saturday.

There are a number of coarse lakes on site and with the assistance of a huge number of helpers the children were provided with tackle. bait and tuition. For our part we had a lake to ourselves and this was to be for catching carp on the fly plus fly casting and fly tying  tuition. The team from our branch consisted of Pete’s Webb and Major, Ken, Tony Woods, Paul Aston, Charles Deverill, and yours truly. Charles set up his casting area alongside a team of helpers from Scotland who were also geared up for casting instruction.

Having been issued with hats and fluorescent jackets we started by tucking in to a hearty breakfast as seen below.

big fish2


When things started with the arrival of bus loads of keen youngsters we received a steady trickle of interested parents and children although to be fair the vast majority of interest was in coarse fishing.  We did receive a visit from Ken Giles and Margaret. the venue is one of Ken’s old haunts from his coarse fishing days. The man sitting next to Margaret is George, one of the founders of Dreamstore who had made the trip from Scotland – lovely chap.

big fish1

We were allowed to fish for the carp with fly tackle as part of the day and a number of us caught some decent fish on various ‘flies’. One lady visitor was rewarded for her persistence eventually and following help from Charles in learning to cast she caught her first carp on the fly.

big fish3

One young gentleman by the name of Ben, relative of Ken, also managed to catch a couple of fish with the help of Peter Major. The look on his face tells the story I think you will agree.

big fish4

 So, an enjoyable dayfor the team; not our busiest for sure but we were there putting the message out to the visitors and local anglers and trying to generate interest in our potential junior section.

Thanks to all concerned for their organisational skills and efforts.

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