Branch at Elinor FDG bank competition

Last Sunday 6 of our members entered the inaugural bank competition organised by the Guild and held at Elinor lake near Corby in Northamptonshire. The committee felt it would be good to support this event and as it turned out of the 25 who attended, 6 were from Worcester; 25%! The intrepid heroes were – Pete Webb, Paul Aston, Tony Marchant, Owen Reynolds, Tony Woods and yours truly.

Elinor is a 50 acre lake with bank fishing accessible all around. It is predominantly quite shallow and exposed, as we were to find out! The day was cool, bright and very breezy and the wind steadily built up over the day. We were briefed at 8.30am and then it was off to find a spot to fish. Here you see a few of us in the car park before setting off – a group hug or possibly warming each other up!



We split up to search out various areas of the lake although this proved quite tricky to find the fish. It seems the fish were predominantly down at the windward end so we had to endure casting in to a really stiff and chilly wind but this at least yielded fish. We pluggged away hard and were glad at the end to seek shelter and enjoy a meal at a local pub for the prizegiving. Nobody had blanked thankfully although it was apparant that some had fared quite well having found fish and camped out in the hot spots.

This is us having finished the day and ready for the meal and consuming some muffins provided by Chairman Pete.


The tale of the tape reveals that we did not win any team prizes but we did not disgrace ourselves either. Congratulations go to Paul Aston as he won the prize for the heaviest fish caught at well over 5 lbs and here we see him receiving his prizes from Lee Hooper the organiser.



The event was conducted in a good spirit and  all of us made some new contacts from other branches. My old boss used to say ” It’s not the winning that is important it is the taking part.”

This summarises how we felt about the day, but as Schwarzenegger said ” We’ll be back.”

We hope to support the event next year if it continues.

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