Tenkara night

Last Tuesday we were treated to a visit by Paul Gaskell and John Pearson of ‘Discover Tenkara’ and ‘Fish on’ productions. Both men are extremely prominent in the UK Tenkara movement and are qualfied Tenkara guides; two of only three in the whole UK.

The evening consisted of a power point with numerous video clips plus question and answer and some neat casting within the confines of a small room! The historical aspects of Tenkara were explained in some detail and then various aspects of fishing such as presentation, leader visibility, fly manipulation, fly patterns/dressing and so on. Terms such as ‘Sasoi’  ‘Sutebari’ ‘Sakasa Kebari’ and so on were bandied about and explained. The audience’s attention appeared to have been grabbed with everyone seeming attentive. Here we see Paul and John during a discussion on the behaviour of reverse hackles in general.


 The below picure was taken during the discussion on leader visibility and fish eyesight.


 We held the customary raffle at tea break with the guests kindly donating a boxed set of Tenkara flies. The below shows Pete Major checking out the flies before buying his raffle tickets! – only joking Pete.



Feedback seems to indicate that it was a succesful evening. Our guests displayed an in depth knowledge of many fishing related matters and spoke with authority and passion for the subject. I have no doubt that we will all have benefited in some way.

Be in no doubt that Tenkara is not only an effective way of fishing with a long history behind it but  an extremely useful weapon to have in your fishing armoury . Many thanks once again to Tony Woods for acting as group photographer.

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