An Evening with Ken Giles

Each season we try and include at least one evening when a Club member gives a demonstration or a talk on a suitable topic. Last week it was the turn of Ken Giles who “volunteered” to entertain us and what a wonderful evening it turned out to be.

There was a great turnout of members and the Woodland room was full by 7-15pm such was the interest in the evening to come. Those of us who have been part of the Club for a while know Ken well but for the newer Members we gave a potted history of Ken’s career – and a glittering one it is. His knowledge of fishing generally, tackle development and the tackle industry is second to none and we can add to that story teller extraordinaire!

The plan was for Ken to use the first part of the evening to talk about fly line design and manufacture and this he did with some well chosen advice and eye popping facts about who makes our favourite lines and how. Forget all the marketing hype and fancy packaging – it nearly all comes from Bromsgrove! Ken favours using a needle knot connection for leaders and explained why he avoids braided sleeves on floating lines.

After a short break for refreshments Ken invited questions from the members – I think we managed two! Neville asked Ken to talk about his match fishing exploits and that was it! However during his reminiscences Ken gave his views on a number of very important angling issues such as the demise of some river species, the impact of commercial fisheries and the modern match scene amongst many others. It was all fascinating stuff and delivered in his own inimitable style. The time went all too quickly and members were left wanting more, which is always a good sign.

It was a great evening, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session and our sincere thanks must go to Ken for sharing so much of his experience and humour with us.

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