Stuart Crofts Tan Dancer Soft Wing Caddis

Tan Dancer Soft-Wing Caddis

Hook – Partridge SLD size 18

Thread – Lt. Olive 8/0 Unithread

Body – Fine poly type dubbing (such as Wapsi superfine dryfly dubbing), colour to match the natural

Wing – Tan poly yarn or Aero wing (camel)

Thorax – Tan coloured CDC

Tying sequence for this fly is:

1. Start thread just behind the eye of the hook and work down to just short of the


2. Add a small amount of dubbing and create a short slightly cigar shaped body (leave

a 2 to 3mm space between the end of the body and the hook eye)

3. Lift in the wing and tie down to the back of the hook eye (do not trim off the front

end waste)

4. Dub thread with some CDC fibres to cover wing tying in point and give a

leggy/thorax effect

5. Lift up the waste wing that is over the hook eye and tie off your thread behind the


6. Clip the wing to just over a body length at the back end of the hook

7. Clip the waste wing pointing over the hook eye “short” to give a bushy head

Attributes of fly plus notes

  • A simple, effective and robust pattern
  • Developed from direct observation of the swarming and dancing behaviour of male caddis flies from the Leptoceridae family. And, the more general observations of other light coloured caddis flies from other families that or often taken by the fish
  • Best fished “dead” drift in the area downstream of dancing caddis swarms. But, can also be used to “prospect” under overhanging trees during the day on warm summer days.
  • Wing and body colour/size can be changed to match other caddis species that come across and on which the fish are feeding
  • When used only gink the wing (not the body or hook)
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