Stuart Crofts Agapetus Emerger

Agapetus Caddis Emerger (ACE) – 2010 MK2 update


Hook – Partridge SLD size 20 (or similar)

Thread – Rust Brown 8/0 Unithread

Body – March Brown Wapsi superfine dryfly dubbing

Legs/outriggers – Pearl micro flash (Veniards)

Sighter – White poly yarn

Thorax – Mole

Tying sequence for this emerger is:

  1. Start thread just behind the eye of the hook and work down to just short of the bend.

2. Add a small about of dubbing for abdomen; this should be cigar shaped and about 2/3rds of way back to the eye.

3. Lift in and tie in position the micro flash for outrigger legs (this should be on top of the hook at the thorax end of abdomen). When secure thread should be now be hanging about halfway between the end of the abdomen and the hook eye.

4. Lift in poly yarn sighter and tie “fore & aft” (not across hook).

5. Dub thread with a pinch of mole to cover sighter tying in point and make a dark thoracic area

6. Lift up forward facing poly yarn sighter and tie off behind the eye

7. Clip the sighter short and cut outrigger legs to about a hook length (if during fishing these get caught behind the bend then they can be trimmed some more)


Attributes of fly plus notes

  • Developed from direct observation of emerging Agapetus caddis flies. These are very common in most fast flowing rivers and streams all over the uk.
  • Peak emergence is mid-June and in some areas again in September.
  • One common species (Agapetus fuscipes) tends to emerge in daytime and lives in the smaller rivers and streams while the other common species (Agapetus ochripes) tends to emerge on the edge of dark in medium to larger rivers.
  • Whichever species you have this pattern covers both.
  • Cast the fly to rising fish feeding on the naturals and fish it dead drift. If this fails, recast and give it a short tweak as it drifts over the feeding fish. Also, as soon as the fly lands – give it a tweak and then be ready for an explosive take!
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