Stuart Crofts Detached Body Caddis Pupae

Detached Body Caddis Pupae

A generic pattern that I have been working on for several years and is now well tested on the fish. It is based on the two most obvious aspects of a live swimming caddis pupae, these are the very translucent and succulent abdomens and pronounced dark wing pads.

Hook – Partridge SUD size 12, 14, & 16

Thread – 8/0 Unithread – black

Bead – 2mm tungsten bead – black

Detached body – Any one of several types with colours to suit the naturals

Wing pads – Dark brown or black poly yarn/aero wing

Legs (optional) –Black holograph or fine rubber

Thorax – mole or stoat

Tying sequence for this fly is:

1. Slightly crank the hook in the middle (about 20 degrees).

2. Add the bead to the hook.

3. Start thread (behind the bead) and work down to about 2/3rds of way down the hook shank.

4. Lift in the poly yarn for wing pads and position across the hook (bowtie style) on the underside of the hook.

5. Work the thread back to about half way between the wing pad tying in point and the hook eye.

6. Tie in the detached body and secure.

7. Cover these thread wraps with a small amount of dubbing.

8. Pull the bead back to meet the point where the detached body is tied in. You should now have a gap between the front end of the bead and the hook eye – this is very important.

9. Pull the poly yarn forward and around the bead, secure on the top side in front of the bead in the small gap you just created behind the eye. You should now have two nicely formed wing pads around the bead.

10. If you want the legs on then these are now tied in just in front of the wing pads.

11. Tie off behind the eye and the cut off waste poly yarn to give a neat bushy head.

12. For extra effect you can mark the back of abdomen with pantone pen to show

segmented appearance.

Attributes of fly plus notes

  • An effective fly and was originally developed to be fished as part of a “duo” with a dry caddis pattern; however it can be fished on its own.
  • Change the size and colour to suit the caddis you find in the waters you fish.


© Stuart M Crofts 2010

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