Trip to Draycote Reservoir

WFD Fishing Trip to Draycote Water Thurs 28th June 2012
Eleven of us ( would have been 12 but Jules had a poorly tum) set sail in the Draycote boats to sort out those large hard fighting Draycote rainbows and possibly their even larger elusive browns.  As we set out, the weather was okay for boat fishing, reasonable cloud and a light breeze.  I had set in train a competition for the longest fish so we all had a good incentive to get on with it. 
It took most of us most of the morning to realize that the fish had their own agenda for the day and anything that moved (a lot) was not part of it.  Yes you guessed it, the static boys were winning, just find some fish (oh so easy) and cast to them a team of static nymphs on some immensely long leader and hey presto you’r in !!  Well… at least Neville was doing just that, he came back with 4 fish at the lunchtime break and duly won the longest fish competition kitty as well.
The weather at lunchtime was looking terrible out to the west really dark and big menacing clouds , Later we discovered that the West Midlands were actually having the worst storms for many years but the Gods were with us and all we had was a few drops of rain.  The afternoon session was also problematical, basically the fish were being real fuss-pots, but some flies duly landed on the odd trout’s nose and more were caught. The wind had now become quite a strong westerly and confined the boats to sheltered places at the west end of the water, or it was a question of rock and roll and some did just that.
The good news, most of us did catch, most of us caught on traditional flies and the trout were averaging about 2.5 pounds in weight and fought really well. 
My thanks to Roy, Neville, Glyn, Barry Martin , Norman, Charles, Brian, Ken and Colin for coming along and my sympathies to Jules and wishing him a quick recovery.   
Tony Marchant   29/6/12
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