Weekend away to Mid Wales

Thanks to the hard work put in by retiring Chairman John Bergdahl who made all of the arrangements, we enjoyed a break centred on the Rhaeadr  area with fishing on Llyn Clywedog and surrounding rivers.

As ever there was great support from the members and we numbered in the region of 20. Accomodation was arranged through Ty Morgan, a Rhaeadr  hotel that  also provided breakfast and evening  meals in a timely fashion.

Several members fished on the Friday but found local rivers somewhat challenging whilst those who tried stillwaters fared better. Anticipation was high for the main event on Clywedog although the weather forecast did look disturbing with high winds promised.

The Saturday dawned bright and reasonably warm and we thought that just for once the weather forecast may have been wrong. At the lake it was breezy but not too bad and we set off under electric or oar power full of hope.

Sadly the weather forecast was correct and soon we were beset with extremely high winds slapping down on to the lake. There was little escape from it and electric engines were soon drained with the effort of moving around the lake. The fishing was proving equally tough with the fish quite deep down and difficult to locate. Several boats had to be towed in by Russell Owen and we gave it best at tea time in order to get back for our pre-booked evening meal.

The scores revealed a worthy winner in Dave Blackbourn who with his partner Martin Smith found shelter close under the trees ( and I mean close) and using a range of methods found the fish. Well done to Dave who can be seen receiving the Shield from Chairman Pete Webb.

After breakfast on Sunday we departed for various waters to fish our way back home. A number of rods decided on Delbury Hall near Ludlow and were successful on a warm breezy day. See below for a picture of some of the Delbury crew who by now were fished out and ready for home

Thanks again John for your organisational skills and to all of the members who made this a successful weekend with much fun, eating and drinking.

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