Caroline retires from our Branch

Caroline Clist has been a member of this branch for some 15 years or so and has served as a committee member and loyal supporter  throughout that time. She has I believe the distinction of having been our only lady member and must be congratulated upon enduring the antics of the rest of the membership for so long!

Caroline has been a widely travelled angler and experienced some exciting destinations in her lifetime usually in company with her husband Julian. She also ties a good fly and these creations  have been put to good effect on many occasions.

She recently decided that for a variety of reasons she felt unable to continue with membership of the branch and decided not to renew her subscription this year which is a great loss to us all. We will always remember her smile, her sense of humour, her loyalty and her willingness to listen to countless examples of rather inappropriate male humour and laugh at them.

The committee felt it fitting to mark her retirement with a gift and following some deliberations it was decided to purchase a painting of the salmon fly – ‘Lady Caroline’ and have mounted with it an expertly tied example of that same fly. This was duly framed and on the 27th of September Caroline was presented with her gift by our Chairman John  Bergdahl in front of the assembled members. I have attached below a message from Caroline following the presentation.

” I was overwhelmed on Tuesday evening to be given such a beautiful picture of “Lady Caroline” fly with the excellent drawing, it will be much treasured.  Thank you also for all the hugs and good wishes on the card.

I have found my first Fly Dressers Guild card and the date is 1995! I have thoughly enjoyed all the meetings and the weekend trips and hope the club goes on having good speakers and outings. Enjoy.

Thank you again, I left feeling I had been very spoilt.”


We all wish Caroline good health and happiness for the future and hope that she still manages to wet a line at some time, somewhere. She will always be very welcome should she wish to call on us.

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