Farmoor 1 – persistence is rewarded.

Following our last two visits Tony Woods and I had been a little perplexed in trying to figure out how to tempt these beauties despite trying all sorts of offerings without much success.

Whilst others may have flagged in spirit, Tony and I dug our heels in and vowed to figure it out somehow. Whilst I was figuring it out in my head Tony did no more than arrange a sneaky solo trip whilst I was working and, what a day he had. Fishing on the North shore with small nymphs and buzzers he managed to catch four lovely fish – two at 3lbs and two at 6lbs! Two ‘blues’ and two rainbows. Well done him.

Having got word of this I was now really champing at the bit to get back and, within a few days of his success we were back again. A steady South Easterly breeze, warmth and hatching buzzers greeted us as we made our way around to the north shore where we the wing would be blowing parallel to the bank. By lunch time we have managed 2 or 3 but not really cracked it despite obvious fish activity. Heels dug in again and brains engaged fully eventually resulted in a winning formula. I borrowed some fluorocarbon from Tony and re-rigged used much smaller buzzers and these were fished under an indicator pushed along with the breeze and not too far out. End result? 6 fish apiece all between 2 ½ lbs and 6 lbs.

In truth, neither of us had caught such hard fighting rainbows. Terrific long runs with heart stopping head shakes and change of direction gave us superb sport. All fish safely returned again. As we walked back to the car with a satisfied inner glow we appreciated what a great late season day we had experienced. Picture below shows the quality of what is on offer. We shall return! It might not win prizes for scenic beauty but the fish make it all worth while.

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