Visit from The Essential Fly Company

Last evening we were entertained by Andy and Ann Kitchener from The Essential Fly/Semperfli based up in Yorkshire.

In the first half of the evening Andy outlined in a Powerpoint presentation how the company started, their range of products and how they were developed, plus some fishy exploits of his own. It was interesting to hear how research had shaped the various products that they sell and how their distributor and customer base was now world wide.

Ann had laid out a line of tables covered in samples of some of the products in their range which the members attacked from the start of the meeting. These included a range of dubbings, tying silks, chenilles and dyed natural materials.





Andy also very kindly distributed fly samples to all of us including dries, buzzers and blobs. Below we now have irrefutable proof that Roger Smith is the owner of a Blob. He is looking rather shocked to be caught with it in his hand by Simon.



After tea break and the raffle, Andy continued his presentation by focusing on the dyeing of materials using Picric acid with all useful information on how to achieve success with it, plus how to avoid blowing up the garage when we store it. Ann then gave us some Cock pheasant centre tails freshly dyed as a gift.



Towards the end of the evening Andy fielded questions on various topics and went on to explain the company’s ethical stance on the use of sustainable materials. Our Chairman ( good to see you back Pete) thanked them both for an interesting evening plus their generosity with gifts.

This was a different type of event from our normal Guest Speaker evenings but nevertheless very interesting and informative and for that we thank them both greatly.

Thanks to Tony Woods for supplying the Photographs.

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