My first Zander, and, on a fly!

I know that I am unashamedly blowing my own trumpet here, but, in the context of the Guest Speaker who is attending tomorrow evening to talk about coarse fish on the fly I thought this post would be very relevant. Well that’s my excuse anyway!

The week before last I went down for a couple of hours to the Avon at Pershore, on the free stretch behind the football club. my honest intention was to try for a Pike or two. I rigged up with a #10 rod, Wet Cel 2 shooting head and a 5″ fly of my own tying and set to work. After an hour and a half blank I was getting disconsolate. A friendly dog walker came by and asked if I had caught ‘owt. I told him no, but, he had not gone 20 paces when my rod pulled over. I was amazed when this turned out to be a Zander. My first ever Zander no less and to get it on a ‘fly’ was especially good if not a little jammy. The dog walker turned cameraman as you can see below. Fish returned safely. I estimate it was around 6lbs.


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