Annual fly Dressing Competition – Innovative pattern.

Once again we will be adding the above ‘class’ to our existing Open and Novice classes. Ken  is organising this and in the usual format we will be providing a list of materials and it is up to those who enter to create a pattern of their own from those materials. Anyone can enter this class irrespective of the other class they may have entered. The materials will be provided by the club.

Here is the list of materials:

Winging material – veined. Cock pheasant tail. Felt patch. Wire or tinsel. Silk – your choice of colour. Floss – your choice of colour. Any style of hook to suit the fly.

Assessment guidance:

2 points for each material used. Up to 25 points based on tying skill. Up to 25 points for innovation.

Any questions – see Ken at Club night. Don’t forget, Paul Aston will be demonstrating the Open and Novice flies next week. The patterns have been taken from the list of flies in the Fly Dresser magazine and form part of the Guild Annual Competition.

Good luck.

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