John Tyzack visits Worcester Branch

At our meeting on 29th October we were treated to a first class presentation and demonstration from renowned Fly fisherman and Fly tyer John Tyzack. John’s session was entitled ‘Grayling through the year’ and he went through tackle/tactics/flies and added many anecdotes of his own experiences of Grayling on rivers throughout the UK and Europe.

He stressed that we should not think of the Grayling just as a fish to target at the end of the trout season, but as a year round quarry – close season excepted,

Plenty of slides showed the results of good angling in terms of really large Grayling caught and I think that this got the group well and truly motivated to have a go when conditions improve. Also, plenty of hints and tips in terms of tying the patterns that he recommends which although not difficult in technical terms are proven fish catching flies. A recommendation on certain patterns from a man with a fishing pedigree like John’s should not be ignored!

Thanks to support also from our colleagues in the Hereford branch who turned out in force. It was good to see them and one of their group took away first prize in the raffle – lucky devil !

John kindly agreed to let us have the recipes for the various flies discussed and these will appear on the site also. We will be posting the video of his tying session on the site using Vimeo for member access only thanks to John giving us permission to do so. Both really kind gestures.

I think all of who attended will agree that John gave us a night to remember. He delivered his talk in a relaxed, thoughtful and enjoyable fashion. I think we should perhaps have him down again in the future to talk on other topics; he told me afterwards that he enjoyed the evening also and would be happy to visit us again.

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