‘Spring’ trip to Patshull Park

Russ Heath once again very kindly organised our annual trip to the above venue and 12 rods attended to brave the conditions.

A heavy overnight frost at -4 led to us being greeted with a frozen lake so everyone took their time tackling up and getting some bacon sandwiches inside them ready to do battle.  Whilst we were munching, the bailiff took his boat out and ploughed up and down the lake for about half an hour to break up the ice so that we could begin fishing. thankfully as a breeze had sprung up this did disperse the ice and within an hour of the 10am start it had all gone.

To combat the cold everyone layered up well as the easterly  breeze was pretty chilly and hard on the fingers. Well I guess we knew it would be difficult but it proved to be a real tough day with the fish well and truly keeping their heads down and refusing to sample the best of flies that the branch had to offer. At 2pm when the competition was over very little had come out although one or two small pike had come to the net. All in all only 5 fish were caught.

After lunch, most went out again to see if things had improved but, they had not. Russ had a nice fish but that was the only one caught and by 4.30pm or so we had all had enough and headed for home via a local hostelry.

Russ very kindly gave a plaque to the winner who shall remain nameless but who is shown below with the plaque and with the pike which took a fancy to a Bob Cooper tied bloodworm pattern.

Many thanks again to Russ for this one. It was good to be out with the lads again enjoying the company and the craic.

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