St.Patrick’s day at The Lenches

Ken O’Nutting came up with a really innovative idea of a session on St. Patrick’s day at the Lenches lakes which would be a combination of fishing, fly tying and enjoying a hearty meal. With the approval, as ever, of Amanda all was arranged.

The initial activity was to design  and tie a fly with an Irish theme and of a pattern completely made up by each of the attendees; this would then be used to atempt to catch fish. There was to be a prize for the best fly design and also for the heaviest trout caught on these creations. Ken would provide a chunky hot stew at lunch time when the catches would be weighed in.

There were some very interesting concoctions at the vice all of which looked as if they would do the business but the final decision was left up to the fish of course.

The weather improved as the day went on and the members experienced some welcome early Spring sunshine and a buzzer hatch which brought the fish into the upper layers of the water after lunch ( and after the competition was over of course!)

Prior to deciding who was the winner, Ken called everyone in to enjoy a baked potato and dish of Irish stew to warm everyone up. Here you see us all after filling ourselves up with a great meal. There was no space in the clubhouse as everyone devoured Ken’s offerings.

  At the weigh in almost everyone had caught a fish or two and it was clear that there would be ounces in it to decide the winner but, I am pleased to say that Brian Naylor took the honours for the heaviest fish by a small margin and received a bottle of Bushmills whisky as a prize(what else could you give on St. Paddy’s day?)

The fly dressing element of the day was won by Paddy Major with a rather nice Irish Mayfly type pattern for which he won a gift voucher for the club shop.

Below sees the group fortified with food setting out after lunch to have more fishing and enjoy the fine weather. Ken never misses an opportunity for some branch publicity – hence the banner!

Roy McAdam, as well as enjoying his day on the lake, put his photographic skills to good use with the below close up showing his fly creation secured into the scissors of a nice Lenches fish – nice one Roy.

As ever, our thanks to Amanda to allow us to take over the clubhouse for the day and for the never ending supply of teas and coffees. But of course the Lions share of the praise must go to Mr. O’Nutting for his organisational, culinary and weighing in efforts which made the day such a success.

I must say that members went on to enjoy some exciting top of the water sport on imitative patterns whilst the buzzer hatch lasted. The luck of the Irish I guess !

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