Directions to new meeting room

Hi everyone
Here are the new directions:
Go down main driveway at Nunnery Wood School as usual but instead of bearing to the left in front of the main school entrance,  bear to the right and continue on towards the rear of the school. At the end of that road you will find a car park. As you enter the car park bear to the left and go up to the far left hand corner where you will see a small chain link fenced gateway which will be open. Go through that gate and bear immediately left alongside the school buildings and park your car. That car parking is on an outdoor tarmac sports court of some kind and is for our use only. We have a key to access that gate. You will see signs there directing you to the new room.
If you cannot figure this out go on to Google Earth as I did and all will become plain!As usual please arrive in time for a 7.30pm start.
Call me if any problems please.


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