Countrytastic at Malvern showground

The Three Counties Society have sent their thanks for the support of the Worcester Fly Dressers and the Members who gave their time, support and enthusiasm in making the event such a success, with over 5000 youngsters and their families enjoying the day.

Every visitor who turned out experienced a day of action packed hands on entertainment and activities, despite the turbulent weather! Other than Try Tying Your Own Fly with the Worcester Fly Dressers the youngsters also tried milking a cow in the dairy section and seeing dairy goats and sheep. Other farm animals in attendance were the chicks which could be held by the children and demonstrations of working sheep and gun dogs.

Young anglers were encouraged to try fishing on the lake under the instruction of YAP; even in the rain they carried on fishing, after all the fish don’t care they are already wet.

BBC Country-file presenter Adam Henson visited the show and took part in various activities including sheep shearing and the gun dogs in the wag and bone ring. Once again he did the commentary for the livestock parade, unfortunately his fly tying instructor was too busy to accommodate him this time – Pete Webb was busy with the kids and making tea and coffee all day.

Thanks to the expertise of our volunteers engaging children in the art of fly dressing we are educating our young beginners in skills which are so easily forgotten.  Lots of cat’s whiskers were taken home which in turn encourages the next generation to take up fly casting with dad or granddad as a diversion from the chaotic life we all lead.

Any suggestions for further shows should be forwarded to the organiser

Ken Nutting

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