Annual Fly Dressing Competition Patterns for 2012

The flies are as follows:

Novice Class – Green Longhorn sedge pupa

Open Class – Royal Coachman.

The dressings are as follows:

LonghornSedge. Wet fly.

Hook.  size 10/12/14 can use sedge type pattern if you wish

Thread. Brown 8/0

Body. Green fibres from felt patch dubbed on. Thicker abdomen towards the end of the fly..

Rib. Oval gold tinsel – fine

Horns. Two cock pheasant centre tail fibres tied sloping to the rear – twice length of hook shank.

Hackle. Brown partridge – 2 turns.

Build up a good head on the fly.

Royal Coachman: Wet fly.

Hook. Size 10 heavyweight pattern – B175

Thread. Black 8/0

Tail. Golden pheasant tippet

Body. Peacock herl/red fluoro floss/peacock herl

Beard hackle. Red Game cock or hen

Wing. White duck wing quills paired.

Materials for the night will be provided to make it fair for everyone. Good luck, get practicing and make this a well supported event please.

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