Branch Library

Following an extremely kind donation of fly tying materials and books by Mr Stephen Druce of Malvern the committee has decided that we should start a small lending library so that all members may access the books. John Bergdahl has agreed to administer this new scheme which we will run for 12 months and then review how successful it has been, or not as the case may be. So, do see John if you wish to begin borrowing any of the titles shown below. There are some excellent fly tying reference books amongst them so do make use of this facility please.

          Lures for game,coarse and game; Taff price.

          Fifty salmon fly dressings; Veniard.
          One hundred and one fly dressings; Veniard.
          Hair wing flies and streamer flies; Veniard.
          Fly tying for trout; Eric Taverner.
          Sea trout flies; james Waltham.
          Fly dressers guide; Veniard.
          Salmon flies; Poul Jorgenson.
          The fly tiers manual; Mike Dawes.
          Flies of Ireland; Peter O’ Reilly.
          Modern salmon flies; Peter Mackenzie-Philps.
          Flies of Wales; Moc Morgan.
          Guide to new fly patterns; Bob Church.
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