Change of Meeting venue

For  your information we have had to change our winter meetings venue due to the evening class schedules at the College being changed unfavourably.

We have selected a new venue which is as close to the previous venue as is humanly possible! Therefore, please note that for the foreseeable future we will be at Nunnery Wood High School, ground floor, Art and Design room. The sign for the entrance is about 200 metres before the turning that we  previously used to get to the College in Spetchley Road. There is ample car parking available on site. The room has been visited by the committee and it is deemmed really suitable for our purposes.

As we will be on the ground floor, anyone previously struggling with managing stairs will be pleased!

I will be forwarding the winter programme via e-mail and with a post on the websiite in the near future.

Best wishes and look forward to seeing you all.


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