Buzzers in adundance

Tony Woods and I paid a visit to Farmoor on Friday last and struck lucky with a gentle southerly breeze, warmth and tons of sunshine. The Ranger told us on arrival that there had been huge clouds of buzzers over the lakes, -‘like bonfire smoke’ and he was not wrong!  As we walked around the perimeter there were buzzers absolutely everywhere;  in the grass, on the pathway, in the air, up your nose and in your mouth if you weren’t careful.

The fish seemed to show no interest in the fact that the lake surface was carpeted in buzzers whilst the waterfowl were gobbling them up avidly. We started with buzzers (obviously) and after a couple of hours cracked the presentation method such that fish came regularly to the net. 2 or 3 buzzers fished very slow and deep on a floating line with fish taking 4-8feet down. These were fin perfect rainbows in the 2 1/2 to 4lbs bracket  and they fought like tigers. We caught a lot of them suffice to say and they were all returned to swim away strongly. A fabulous days sport indeed.

The photo below shows that the margins of the lake had a 6 inch slick of dead buzzers all around and I mean all around!That is the dark area on the picture.  In all my years of fishing I have never seen so many flies on the water and numbers must be mind boggling. It may be a concrete bowl (which sounds a harsh term to me) but the richness of the fly life is superb – the fish have a rich source of food indeed.

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