Farmoor ‘Blues’

Noting a steady barometer and a wind direction which had been constant for several days Hon Sec and the webmaster set forth for another last minute trip. Webmaster said ” Be at my place 7.15 in the morning” so I duly obliged and on arrival at the lake we found a nice wave and pleasant conditions. So far so good. Speaking to one or two locals as we walked the banks it seemed that things were quite tricky and not much being caught. Undaunted we teamed up with nymphs and buzzers and started. Webmaster lost one first cast – drat! Was this to be the flavour of the day? Hopefully not. Hon Sec then did a long distance release and we then managed to repeat that feat once more each. Had I brought my rubber hooks instead of the real ones? A change of tactics to intermediate lines and a steady retrieve 3-4 feet down brought success to us both. Once again the fish were absolute ‘minters’ a real testament to the quality of the fish that the reservoir can produce – come to think of it we haven’t seen a poor one yet! Although the breeze began to stiffen we persisted on the windward shore whilst lesser mortals ran for shelter and Hon Sec was duly rewarded with the ‘blue’ seen below which took a small fry pattern and weighed in at 6 1/4 lbs. Red faces and lots of yawning on the way home – wind does that to you.

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